27 decadent chocolate treats for Easter
From simple rocky road and crisp pasteis de nata, to wicked mousse cakes and salted caramel chocolate tart, these are some of our favourite chocolate treats to enjoy over the Easter long weekend.

27 decadent chocolate treats for Easter

One of our favourite foodie flicks is the adaptation of Joanne Harris’ Chocolat. (If you haven’t seen it, add it to your watch list immediately.)

There’s one scene in particular that lives rent-free in our minds: Vianne preparing indulgent chocolate treats through the night in her rustic French chocolaterie. The seemingly slo-mo scenes of her crushing open dark roasted cocoa beans, ladling velvety chocolate into moulds and stirring a big bowl of glossy ganache are enough to leave you utterly spellbound…and rather hungry for chocolate.

With the Easter weekend fast approaching and shelves of chocolate temptations demanding our attention in every store, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite recipes for you to live your main character Chocolat moment. From simple rocky road and our hack for pasteis de nata, to wicked mousse cakes and double chocolate hot cross buns, you’ll be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Bon appétit!

Double chocolate hot cross buns-7980


A chocolatey twist on a traditional Easter treat! We love to serve our hot cross buns lightly toasted with a good slather of farm butter and honey.
A nostalgic sweet treat for a grown-up’s palette.
These light and fluffy doughnuts are a healthier version to their deep-fried counterparts, plus baking them in one go in the oven saves you heaps of time and cleaning up!
NomuAugustMailerchocolate mousse cake2
We think you should never have to choose between a chocolate cake or a chocolate mousse. Our Chocolate Mousse Cake combines the best of both in a decadent showstopper. It needs to set overnight, so prep it the day before you want to wow your guests or family.
These chocolatey puddings can be made in advance and stored in the freezer for unexpected guests. Simply bake from frozen for instant indulgence!
Homemade Dark Chocolate Slab
With a rich and decadent flavour from our top-quality cocoa powder, this chocolate slab makes a thoughtful homemade gift.
Vegan Orange Brownies-5872
Dark chocolate and orange are one of the most luxurious flavour combos in the baking world. In this recipe, rubbing fresh orange zest into the brownie sugar releases all its essential oils and aromas, lacing these fudgy vegan brownies with a delicate citrus flavour.
Choc caramel cookie sticks-4-2
Dipped in a dreamy salty-sweet caramel chocolate, these snippy snappy chocolate cookie sticks are extremely addictive…you have been warned!
Pistachio White Chocolate Blondie-5868
Adding melted white chocolate into the batter makes these blondies extra fudgy in the center. Plus, the addition of finely blended pistachio nuts gives these treats an amazing flavour and beautiful green hue.
This healthier version of a traditional chocolate cake is made all the more indulgent with NOMU Decadent Hot Chocolate – if you love a light but fudgy baked treat then this one is for you!
The perfect nibbly treat to put out with coffee after a big dinner
A real treat to spoil a loved one on Mother’s or Father’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries.
There’s no better way to showcase the silky smoothness of the NOMU Decadent Hot Chocolate than by melting into a bowl, and dipping sugar-coated, deep-fried treats into it!



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