Since December 2000, NOMU has always been an unusually personal journey, easily approachable and accessible with a product range that is even easier to use to create wonderful, flavoursome, foodie experiences for any occasion. Practical and convenient in the hands of an expert or a novice, every NOMU product reflects this simplicity of approach.

And, formed also from a (possibly very bad) habit of very rarely ever consulting the consumer, NOMU has always used its own employees, our friends, and our families as our main creative inspiration, giving the range a deliberately authentic quality.

The first goal has always been to create the very best food and flavour experiences, but designed primarily for us, for use in our own homes, not in a test kitchen, and that is still the plan. NOMU has always aimed to inspire creative kitchens wherever the product can be found around the world, and to do this NOMU only use the very best quality and consistently delicious flavours imaginable.

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We take your physical experience of our products very, very seriously and so we also try our very best at all times to produce only to the very highest of quality standards, guaranteeing your personal, best experience, in all of our products, all of time.

But, in all reality, no one is perfect and nobody gets it right, all the time. Just ask any parent…
So on those very rare occasions when things might have gone wrong, please reach out to us immediately and let us know what happened and we guarantee that even if the product might have let you down, our team absolutely won’t. We strive to make sure that things never go wrong, but when they do, we are experts in setting them right!





We take your health as seriously as we take our own, and we only produce what we are prepared to eat a lot of ourselves! We also believe that healthy eating should never mean that you should have to sacrifice on great flavour, with every bite.

To ensure that we achieve this target, all NOMU products are developed with a goal to focus on finding and using only the highest quality ingredients, with your AND our broader health in mind.  We develop products specifically to limit the use of too much refined sugars or salt, and we also actively avoid the use of artificial ingredients wherever possible.

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