NOMU believes in making a difference wherever it can, acting a small brand, with big ambitions. We like to try to help others out wherever possible, in ways and in places where we feel we can make the best, longer-term difference. Although we do support a wide range of charity and social reinvestment causes, rather than spread our resources too far or too thin, here are four examples of charities and public service groups that affect us directly and that we feel strongly about. We hope that what we do here might also encourage you to try and also get involved in any way, to make a difference and to positively change the lives of many South Africans.

Making a difference in your backyard… by starting with the alphabet.

Without a literate, educated and informed middle class, South Africa will eventually fail. We believe this as seriously as we believe in the certainty of death, taxes and the fact that George Lucas has sold out.

Click HERE to learn more about this wonderful project, its organisers and how you can get involved with helping to build a better educated, informed and more empowered, future South Africa. It ALL starts with reading.

Contact Mignon Hardie: 083 776 8753 | mignon@fundza.co.za | www.fundza.co.za
Join the “FunDza Fnz” network: fundza.co.za/mobi | Facebook: Click here | Follow on Twitter: @FunDzaClub

Making a difference in your backyard… by making sure you don’t drown in it!

We live by the sea and can often be found on (or in) it and then also frequently inside or on top of a long piece of fiberglass – long story. It stands to reason then that sooner or later, if we ever needed it, we would want to know that we (and anyone else enjoying our beautiful shoreline around our incredible country) had well equipped and professionally organised sea rescue teams in place to be there when we needed them.

We haven’t personally ever needed to call on these incredible people for help but others regularly do and the NSRI is there, every time to do whatever it takes, in any conditions, to bring people home safely to their families. The NSRI is staffed largely by volunteers who need your support to do what they do. Click HERE to see how you can help out!

Contact Alison Smith: alisons@searescue.org.za | 021 4344011 | www.searescue.org.za

Making a difference in your backyard… by joining the treevolution!

Greenpop is an organization devoted to the replanting and reforesting of our indigenous trees here in South Africa. Greenpop administers and supports these efforts with a host of very cool activities throughout the year including mainly coordinated replanting drives. To help them, one thing we like to do is donate a tree on behalf of NOMU employees celebrating their birthday.

Click HERE to see how you can help out!

 Contact: Zoe Gauld | 021 461 9265 | www.greenpop.org