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Stunning edible gifts to make for any occasion
Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, end-of-term thank yous, house name it. We've got a delicious giftable treat for them all!

Stunning edible gifts to make for any occasion

There’s something truly special in receiving a beautifully packaged box, bottle or jar of delicious homemade creations…especially when they’re from a notorious foodie! Edible gifts represent a significant amount of thought and care (and also mean you get to enjoy the magic of a homemade touch without having to make it yourself).

With Mother’s and Father’s Day fast approaching, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite crunchy, salty, (mostly) sweet treats that just so happen to make perfect edible gifts too. Also fantastic for end-of-term teachers’ gifts, birthday presents, anniversaries, house-warming treats, Christmas stocking stuffers, thank yous and all sorts of delicious occasions.


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Nougat Cranberry & Almond

Cranberry and almond nougat

A crave-curbing sweet treat perfect for gifting. Use your favourite combo of nuts and/or dried fruit to give this recipe your own unique twist.
C&D Photo_0397
The perfect combo of sweet, salty and crunchy. This butterscotch brittle also makes an epic gift when beautifully packaged.
Cantuccini are the biscotti of Tuscany. They’re traditionally served with Vin Santo, but are equally delicious dipped into a chilled dessert wine or good espresso.
NoMU - Christmas-IMG_8445
A deliciously boozy concoction of cherries in a mulled wine syrup. Absolutely delicious served warm with ice cream.
NoMU- JulyMailerdolcedleche
Make this deliciously thick and creamy caramel using just 1 simple ingredient: condensed milk!
A nostalgic sweet treat for a grown-up’s palette.
1 Goats Cheese Truffles
Serve these stunning truffles on a delicious cheese platter with slices of toasted baguette or assorted crackers. Recipe by Sam Linsell
Lemon Squares 2
Zingy and bright, these moreish lemon squares are made up of a buttery shortbread base and a luscious lemon curd topping.
NoMU 081111-IMG_3716
On a hot summer day, there’s nothing better than homemade cordial poured over crushed ice and topped with sparkling water and fresh mint.
Rose cookie sticks-0026
These crisp and buttery cookie sticks are flavoured with rosewater and dried rose petals. Enrobed in a blushing pink chocolate coating, they make a unique and elegant addition to any teatime spread.
Choc Figs
These are so easy – and perfect to serve at a cocktail party or as a very simple dessert. Use your favourite fruit or the best of what’s in season. Cherries on the stalk or Cape gooseberries are also perfect!
Homemade Dark Chocolate Slab
With a rich and decadent flavour from our top-quality cocoa powder, this chocolate slab makes a thoughtful homemade gift.
Chocolate Macaroon Sandwhiches
Although they have very similar names, macaroons are not to be confused with the colourful French macaron. Macaroons are a type of drop-style chewy coconut cookie – a heavy contrast from the technique and practice required for macaron sandwich cookies.
Iced gingerbread cookies-0017
What is Christmas without gingerbread cookies!? Put out the plain cookies with a few piping bags of icing to make a fun cookie decorating table, or string them up to hang on your Christmas tree.
Fruit mince pies-0037
A Christmas classic made easy with MiniMakes Vanilla Cookie Dough mix. With a super light and buttery pastry, these mince pies are guaranteed to top any store-bought ones!
This caramel is perfect for drizzling over your favourite bakes, rippling into homemade ice cream or mixed into buttercream. If left in the fridge, it sets up into a soft, spoon-drop consistency so makes a great filling for cupcakes and cakes. For a slightly firmer caramel, reduce the cream to 1/2 cup.
Vegan Orange Brownies-5872
Dark chocolate and orange are one of the most luxurious flavour combos in the baking world. In this recipe, rubbing fresh orange zest into the brownie sugar releases all its essential oils and aromas, lacing these fudgy vegan brownies with a delicate citrus flavour.
Choc caramel cookie sticks-4-2
Dipped in a dreamy salty-sweet caramel chocolate, these snippy snappy chocolate cookie sticks are extremely addictive…you have been warned!
Milk chocolate thumbprint cookies
Thumbprint cookies are an easy way to level up your chocolate cookies. Simply press an indent into your freshly baked cookie while still warm and fill with jam, nut butter, chocolate…whatever your heart desires. We went for all-things chocolate in this recipe with a milk chocolate ganache and dark chocolate shavings.
Pistachio White Chocolate Blondie-5868
Adding melted white chocolate into the batter makes these blondies extra fudgy in the center. Plus, the addition of finely blended pistachio nuts gives these treats an amazing flavour and beautiful green hue.
Coated Almonds
Coating the whole almonds in caramel first gives them an additional layer of sweet crunchy surprise beneath the creamy bitter chocolate.
C&D Photo_0370
Make sure you use peak-of-the-season strawberries for the tastiest result.
The perfect nibbly treat to put out with coffee after a big dinner



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