Assorted festive cookie box

No need to make dozens of cookie doughs for this year’s Christmas cookie box. We’ve used our two NOMU MiniMakes Cookie Dough Mixes to create 6 different types of cookies! This cookie box makes a fantastic Christmas treat to take to the office or Friendsmas, or to gift teachers at the end of the year.

Chocolate cherry hazelnut biscotti

Studded with glace cherries and blanched hazelnuts, we’re going full festive with this biscotti! Package the pieces in a beautiful jar or box to gift to friends and family over the Christmas season.

Glazed almond cookies

Thick and chewy cookies topped with a delicious almond glaze…simple and sweet! Almond extract is available from most large retailers and baking speciality stores.

Peach & raspberry galette

A galette is a rustic free-form tart with a fruity filling. Served warm with scoops of vanilla ice cream, it is a delicious dessert fit for summer!

Vegan Snickers Brownie Bars

We’ve made use of the natural sweetness of dates for the peanut caramel layer. By soaking them in boiling water, the dates take on a soft jammy texture which creates the most incredible snickers filling when blended with peanut butter.

Caramel macadamia blondies

Macadamias are a unique nut with a soft, buttery texture and flavour. Our hack to getting the most out of macadamias is to roast them – this gives them a stunning golden-brown colour and further intensifies their delicate flavour. Paired with a luscious filling of caramel treat, these macadamia blondies are an absolute dream!

White Chocolate Pistachio Blondies

Adding melted white chocolate into the batter makes these blondies extra fudgy in the center. Plus, the addition of finely blended pistachio nuts gives these treats an amazing flavour and beautiful green hue.