Vegan Dark Chocolate Orange Brownies

Dark chocolate and orange are one of the most luxurious flavour combos in the baking world. In this recipe, rubbing fresh orange zest into the brownie sugar releases all its essential oils and aromas, lacing these fudgy vegan brownies with a delicate citrus flavour.

Lime cheesecake-stuffed cookies

These cookies are bursting with the freshness of zingy lime in every aspect of their being. The cookie dough is flavoured with fresh zest and is then stuffed with a lime cheesecake filling…and in case anyone were to doubt the flavour of these cookies, we’ve rolled them in a lime-infused sugar too just before baking.

Blood orange upside down cake

This striking cake celebrates winter blood oranges in all their glory! We arranged the orange slices into a checkerboard pattern instead of cutting conventional rounds, although you can pick whichever way you prefer. This cake can easily be made vegan – simply follow the method using our vegan vanilla cake recipe.

Steamed ginger & orange cake

You can still have cake when loadshedding hits! This steamed pudding is baked on the stovetop, giving it a deliciously denser crumb. Take note that, since steam is far gentler than the heat of the oven, this pudding takes a fair while longer to bake.

Lemon curd blondies

The sweetness of these blondies is beautifully balanced by fresh lemon zest and ripples of tangy lemon curd.

Lemon buttercream

Creamy, citrusy, tangy goodness for your favourtie MiniMakes bakes!

Chocolate orange ganache cake

The luxury of this cake is amplified by fresh orange zest, and is reminiscent of a Terry’s Orange. Transform this recipe into a showstopper dessert by baking it in a small 20cm bundt tin and using the ganache as a decadent glaze.

Orange syrup cake

Not a fan of icing? This orange syrup cake is doesn’t need it! Pouring a warm syrup over the freshly baked cake adds an extra dimension of citrusy fragrance while also making the cake super moist (but by no means soggy).