Coffee creme brûlée

Cracking the caramelised sugar crust on top of a creme brulee is one of life’s most special moments.

Passion peaches

Soft juicy peaches gently poached in a champagne and passionfruit syrup. These are delicious served with a dollop of Greek yoghurt or home-made vanilla bean ice-cream.

Baked quinces

Quinces are tart fruits with tough skins that require some tender love and care to bring out their delicious qualities. During slow cooking, their creamy white flesh magically turns anywhere from a soft pink to deep red hue.

SKINNY chocolate almond butter cookies

A delicious treat for gluten-intolerant and diabetic lifestyles! The base of this cookie dough is made using just almond butter and an egg, giving these cookies a lovely fudgy interior. Sweetened with our SKINNY Hot Chocolate, these protein-packed cookies are a healthier choice of treat without compromising on deliciousness.


Soft caramelised apples stuffed with a luxurious filling of crunchy hazelnuts, sweet sultanas, orange zest, NOMU Sweet Rub and honey. Serve with double thick cream for a super cosy pud!