Mocha loaf cake

A delicious harmony of coffee and chocolate in one easy bake.

Chocolate espresso sandwich cookies

When plain ol’ cookies just won’t do the job, these chewy chocolate sandwich cookies swoop in to save the day. The coffee buttercream cuts through the sweetness of the icing while also complementing the rich chocolatiness of the cookies.

Chocolate chip espresso oatmeal cookies

The espresso powder in these chewy oat cookies enhances the overall flavour in the dough and works wonderfully in combination with the chunks of dark chocolate. For some extra fun, make oatmeal cookie sandwiches by pressing two cookies together with coffee buttercream.

Spiced coffee & walnut loaf

This tender and fluffy loaf cake sings with notes of warm spices, toasted walnut and espresso. Although it makes a superb cake for tea, this recipe can also be baked as a round cake or cupcakes for special occasions and celebrations.

Vegan coffee frosting

Use this beautifully-balanced buttercream to finish off your favourite vegan bakes, like vanilla cupcakes, a mocha loaf or chocolate espresso sandwich cookies.

Coffee buttercream

Use this beautifully balanced buttercream to finish off your favourite bakes, like vanilla cupcakes, coffee walnut loaf or banana bread. Easily make a vegan-friendly version of this recipe by swapping out the butter for a plant-based alternative.