Cranberry and almond nougat

A crave-curbing sweet treat perfect for gifting. Use your favourite combo of nuts and/or dried fruit to give this recipe your own unique twist.

Red velvet layer cake

A stunning centrepiece for celebrations. Decorate your cake with fresh red berries, edible flowers, white chocolate curls or meringue kisses for an extra special touch.

Drunken cherries

A deliciously boozy concoction of cherries in a mulled wine syrup. Absolutely delicious served warm with ice cream.

Raspberry Linzer cookies

A classic teatime treat! Swap out the raspberry jam for other flavours, or fill with Nutella, Caramel treat or Biscoff.

Gingerbread cookies with royal icing

What is Christmas without gingerbread cookies!? Put out the plain cookies with a few piping bags of icing to make a fun cookie decorating table, or string them up to hang on your Christmas tree.

Mini Christmas fruit cakes

A dense, fruity, festive cake with a MiniMakes spin! This recipe makes 2 small cakes – one for you to enjoy straight away, and another to save for Christmas Day. Prepare the fruit mixture the night before to maximise on flavour.