The Skinny on our
Skinny Hot Chocolate
The Skinny on our Skinny Hot Chocolate
Who says deliciously decadent flavour can’t be guilt-free?!

NOMU Skinny Hot Chocolate, our Number One Best Seller, is not just delightfully unwicked but also a delectable, chocolatey treat with none of the guilt! It is fantastic value for money too, and due to its superconcentrated, chocolatey nature, it only needs ONE teaspoon per serving!

Aspartame-free and no added sugar
NOMU Skinny Hot Chocolate is sweetened with Sucralose, which is derived from sucrose, is non-caloric, produces no glycaemic response and does not promote tooth decay.

Premium quality cocoa
NOMU uses only the best, ultra-rich, ethically sourced and UTZ accredited cocoa, which means NOMU not only supporting sustainable cocoa farming practices, but also delivering a much deeper, richer chocolaty flavour.

NOMU Skinny Hot Chocolate is also fully endorsed by Diebetes South Africa as well as Kosher and Halaal certified.

This incredible and useful drink can be enjoyed hot or cold, is ideal for anyone on a controlled eating plan. Just add Skim or Low-Fat milk and you’re good to go!



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