What is a New Year’s Eve party without tequila? Coffee Patrón is a personal favourite and makes the best tiramisu!


A chocolatey twist on a traditional Easter treat! We love to serve our hot cross buns lightly toasted with a good slather of farm butter and honey.

Red velvet layer cake

A stunning centrepiece for celebrations. Decorate your cake with fresh red berries, edible flowers, white chocolate curls or meringue kisses for an extra special touch.

Drunken cherries

A deliciously boozy concoction of cherries in a mulled wine syrup. Absolutely delicious served warm with ice cream.

Baked vanilla cheesecake

This creamy cheesecake is delicious as is, although it makes a great blank canvas for many delicious toppings like fresh passionfruit, lemon curd or caramel treat and toasted macadamias.

Molten brownie pots

These gloriously decadent chocolate lava pots make enough for just 2-4 people. Serve them with whipped cream and fresh raspberries to balance out the richness.

Rose & white chocolate cookie sticks

These crisp and buttery cookie sticks are flavoured with rosewater and dried rose petals. Enrobed in a blushing pink chocolate coating, they make a unique and elegant addition to any teatime spread.