Marbled Halloween sugar cookies

These colourful cookies are almost too cute to eat…almost! They’re a fun baking project for the kids and are easy to make using whichever colours you like. You can find candy eyeballs in baking speciality stores, or you can decorate them with a mix of colourful sprinkles before baking.

Pumpkin patch cake with maple cream cheese icing

Pumpkin patch cake topped with maple cream cheese icing and a piped pumpkin patch pattern

The addition of homemade pumpkin puree doesn’t add a strong flavour to this pumpkin patch cake but rather gives it a boost of moisture and a beautiful orange hue. The perfect bake for Halloween and the autumn season. Have a look at our Pumpkin Spice Latte cupcakes for more delicious inspiration!

Spiderweb ganache brownies

A dark, decadent and delicious treat for Halloween or themed birthday parties! Use milk chocolate in the ganache for a sweeter topping if you prefer.

Red velvet ghost cupcakes

These super cute ghost cupcakes are a fun baking project for Halloween. Skip the black sprinkle eyes and torch the meringue to enjoy this recipe anytime in the year.

Peanut butter monster cookies

Why these are called ‘Monster cookes’ we have no idea, because these cookies make our inner child smile! Thick & chewy with malty oats and a generous scoop of peanut butter, these cookies are a great activity for kids to make, and are perfect for birthday parties and Halloween!