Biscoff-stuffed air fryer chocolate cookies

Stuffed full of creamy Biscoff spread, baking these cookies in the airfryer not only saves time and electricity, but also gives these cookies a deliciously thick, fudgy texture.

Pistachio white choc chip cookies

These delicious cookies are studded with creamy white chocolate and green pistachio gems. A slightly more special treat than your usual choc chip cookie, these make stunning gifts when beautifully packaged.


What is a New Year’s Eve party without tequila? Coffee Patrón is a personal favourite and makes the best tiramisu!


A chocolatey twist on a traditional Easter treat! We love to serve our hot cross buns lightly toasted with a good slather of farm butter and honey.

Almond, chocolate & orange cantuccini

Cantuccini are the biscotti of Tuscany. They’re traditionally served with Vin Santo, but are equally delicious dipped into a chilled dessert wine or good espresso.