Assorted festive cookie box

No need to make dozens of cookie doughs for this year’s Christmas cookie box. We’ve used our two NOMU MiniMakes Cookie Dough Mixes to create 6 different types of cookies! This cookie box makes a fantastic Christmas treat to take to the office or Friendsmas, or to gift teachers at the end of the year.

Chocolate cherry hazelnut biscotti

Studded with glace cherries and blanched hazelnuts, we’re going full festive with this biscotti! Package the pieces in a beautiful jar or box to gift to friends and family over the Christmas season.

Swirled SKINNY berry yoghurt bark

Our twist on the viral yoghurt bark trend using our sugar-free NOMU SKINNY Hot Chocolate! A refreshing sweet treat to have handy in your freezer when those midafternoon munchies hit.

Silken tofu SKINNY chocolate mousse

A healthier choice of dessert that is vegan-friendly and suitable for diabetic lifestyles! These silky smooth, protein-rich chocolate puddings are sweetened with NOMU SKINNY Hot Chocolate. You don’t need a huge portion per serve, and we recommend topping them with whipped cream, whipped coconut cream or coconut yoghurt to finish.

Oat & almond flour SKINNY chocolate pancakes

Gluten-free and packed full of protein, these pancakes are a healthier sweet breakfast choice suitable for gluten-intolerant and diabetic lifestyles. Top your stack of pancakes with a dollop of yoghurt and some homemade mixed berry compote.

SKINNY chocolate almond butter cookies

A delicious treat for gluten-intolerant and diabetic lifestyles! The base of this cookie dough is made using just almond butter and an egg, giving these cookies a lovely fudgy interior. Sweetened with our SKINNY Hot Chocolate, these protein-packed cookies are a healthier choice of treat without compromising on deliciousness.