Vanilla bean ice cream

Nothing beats homemade vanilla ice cream. It is the most definitive ice cream on earth, simply perfect enjoyed spoon by spoon.

Crème pâtissèrie

This thick vanilla custard forms the foundation for loads of delicious French pastries. Pipe into choux puffs, wedge between sheets of puff pastry for a mille-feuille, fold in some whipped cream to make a Crème Diplomat or use as a tart filling.

Choux pastry

A very light double-cooked pastry used to make profiteroles, eclairs, savoury choux buns and the famous French wedding cake Croquembouche. Accurate measurement and a very hot preheated oven are the essentials to making this pastry a success!

Dark chocolate ganache

This ganache is extremely versatile and can be used in many ways depending on its consistency. Serve the warm with desserts, pour over cakes as a glaze or place in the fridge to cool. Once firmer, use as a frosting or filling or wait until it’s completely set to make homemade truffles.