Now you can TAKE A LOT of NOMU! as it turns out.

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Now you can TAKE A LOT of NOMU! as it turns out.

People who have heard our radio ads will know that we like to poke fun at the idea that our products are only ‘available in most good retailers, most of the time.’ But as much as we are prepared to admit this is a real problem too, that doesn’t mean it’s all a joke.

Challenges with certain conventional types of distribution can’t be ignored, and so now, by opening a formal channel with TAKEALOT, one of SA’s leading online retailers, we are tackling the idea of being able to get a lot of NOMU, in bulk-size solutions, all the time.

This is now a very new, cool option  takealot.com! Now you can literally ‘Take a LOT’ of NOMU, and have it delivered to your door.

This is a unique, bulk offering for takealot.com customers. All the online convenience coupled with a unique bulk offering.

For our hot chocolate lovers, we have made it possible to purchase our NOMU Just Add Water Hot Chocolate sachets in bulk (either 50 or 100 sachets). Our Unsweetened Hot Cocoa Drink sachets are also available in these bulk quantities. And for the Skinny Hot Chocolate fans, you can purchase a case of 8 tins.

The following Fan-Favourite NOMU hampers have also been updated for size, and include a collection of some of our favourite NOMU products.

You can view everything we offer on takealot.com here. Please do let us know what you think about our takealot.com selection.

So, if you like buying in larger quantities, or if you would just like to buy NOMU in bulk, or if you are a catering company, a boutique B&B or hotel, or even if you need to stock up for a function, or just want a proper, secret, winter stash of your own, we hope this will be the perfect, properly priced solution for you, delivered direct to your door!

Happy shopping takealot.com fans!

PS. Perhaps new have missed something from the range you would like to also have available in Bulk? Please send us a note or post a comment and let us know!

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